If I file bankruptcy, will everyone know?

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Who will know if you file bankruptcy?  Has your neighbor filed bankruptcy?  You probably don’t know whether they have or not, and they won’t know if you do.

Bankruptcy –  the “B” word – carries a negative stigma.  Many people worry that if they file bankruptcy, everyone will know they are having financial problems.  The truth is, while a bankruptcy petition is a document that can be viewed by the public, few people know how or care enough to look up the information.

A list of names of people who have filed bankruptcy does not get published in the newspaper or listed anywhere else.

Unless you owe them money, the only way people are going to find out you filed bankruptcy is if you tell them.

You know several people who have filed bankruptcy.  You may not be aware of who they are, but some of your friends, relatives, and coworkers have filed bankruptcy and gotten help with their debts.  You may not know about it because they did not tell you.

Another thing I have found from being a bankruptcy lawyer for over a decade is that most people are too busy worrying about their own lives and problems to give too much thought to worrying about who among their peers has filed bankruptcy.

Don’t let fear of public embarrassment keep you from speaking with a bankruptcy attorney and determining whether bankruptcy could help you.